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The Late Jaycool, Murdered by the Anti-Mary in 2022

Iím an American living in Germany. I came here in 1989 with the U.S. Army, met my wife in 1992, had our first of 3 children in 1993, and got married in 1994. This isnít about that, though.

I had this stupid tune in my head:

Iím a white boy gangsta
Take you out
take your mother out
take our brother out
To McDonalds
Iím a white boy gangsta


I posted it on Facebook back in 2015, and it just stuck in my head. November 2020, in the midst of the Corona Epidemic, I started playing around with some music creation software and started just using these musical building blocks to make some noise.

My daughter in-law said that I should make WBG into a song and video. So I did this one-off video, or so I thought. I liked it so much, that I just kept doing it. In January, 2021, I talked my wife into letting me get a midi-keyboard, so I could take it to the next level.

I have had no musical training whatsoever, but that went pretty well, so I talked the wife into letting me get a guitar, then a drumset, then a better guitar, then a bass.  At this time, before the bass, but after drums and guitar, a friend donated a really good microphone to the cause, and I made one of my more popular videos (by my modest standards), ďI Love MeĒ, sung by Donald Trump shortly after the January 6th mayhem.

I was doing a mixture of my own songs and some parodies (mostly very perverted). These parodies were very popular (again, by my modest standards), but I never liked doing them. I finally pulled the plug and deleted them all in September, 2023, by which time I had already begun the Devils Inside Series, which Iím just loving the hell out of doing.

I finally found a hobby that keeps me happy. Thereís still a lot of stuff up on YouTube, so you can check that out, but Iíll be moving the better stuff (in my opinion) to this website at some point.


Thank you for your support.



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